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      Our estimators have built relationships with our material distributors allowing us to acquire the best possible price for you.  We understand that investing in a new roof can be expensive and we want to help our clients with any cost savings we can.shingle roof 4

      When we arrive at your home to inspect the condition of your roof, our trained estimators will evaluate your roof as a whole.  Sometimes issues can be addressed that will allow for increase in the life of your new roof.

ridge vent 2 text      One example is in sufficient roof ventilation.  Lack of ventilation can cause the decking under your roof to buckle, warp, or sustain dry rot.  Besides shortening the life of your roof, it may also cause you to use more energy to cool your home because of trapped heat in the attic. Proper drainage flashing details, gutters, and downspouts are also a critical elements.

      Allow us, and we would be happy to provide a complete evaluation and solve your problems for the long term.

Insurance Claimsinsurance claim

      Our years in the roofing industry have made us very familiar with insurance claims and the process it takes to have a claim settled quickly. If you are unfamiliar with the process we can explain it and then walk you through the series of actions required to get your claim paid in a timely manner.

      We are also more than happy to meet your claims adjuster at your home, and go over any unresolved issues or observations.

      Don't get stressed, just mention you have a claim and we will make sure it is handled properly and without a hitch.


      Accu-Rite Roofing provides affordable workmanship warranties on all roofing replacements (10-12 years) and warrant most roof repairs .

      The warranties we provide include two parts:

      10year guarrantyThe first is the warranty provided by the product manufacturer.  All manufacturers provide these warranties which cover waterproofing issues associated with product defects.  The length of this warranty depends on the kind of product you decide to have installed.  They range from 20 to 50 year warranties.

      We provide our own workmanship warranty, meaning, if you experience any leaks due to our installation, we will resolve the issues at no cost to you for the length of your warranty.  When you have a need for service, this is a critical. Our response time is second to none.  This is an important consideration when choosing a roofing company. Check out the Accu-Rite Advantage tab above and explore the pitfalls of hiring an unqualified roofing contractor.

      The value of a warranty you receive will depend on the company you decide to use on your roofing project.  For example, a were readycompany that provides a ten (10) year warranty on your roof and then goes out of business before your warranty expires will, for all intents, causes your warranty to become null and void.

      Accu-Rite Roofing and Construction Services won't leave you in the lurch.

      Call us for a FREE Survey and Estimate, we welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and assist you with your project.


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